Global Employee Survey

In 2013, another climate survey was launched to gain an understanding of how satisfied and motivated people are and to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of managers. These activities are part of Ansaldo STS’ periodic internal communication action plan, which sets the following objectives:

  • continue to involve the organisation because every employee’s viewpoint is important;
  • evaluate the progress made in terms of cultural and organisational change;
  • gather information on HR processes and services.

The questionnaire was distributed to all Ansaldo STS employees in four languages (English, Italian, French and Spanish), guaranteed that they would remain anonymous, and was supported by communications campaigns including posters, online banners, e-mails from the CEO and local promotional activities in different office sites.

The high rate of participation (66% of respondents, up 10% on the previous survey) provided a reliable view of the perceptions and needs of everyone within the company, and identified improvement areas for certain aspects.


Over 75% of the company population agrees with the following aspects:

  • Employees have a common vision and sense of the mission that inspires them gives them a clear idea of their objectives, fosters loyalty and pride in being part of the company;
  • Employees interact well with the Group as a whole and with the local group companies;
  • Employees are aware that their cooperation is necessary in order to do their work, they trust their peers and do their best for the company, working as a team;
  • Employees appreciate company communications received on the Intranet and via global e-mails.


Aspects for improvement included:

  • Relationship between performance, rewards and recognition to be emphasised;
  • Efficiency of cooperation between the departments and business to be improved;
  • Implementation of tools and processes that can increase the clarity and efficiency of communications to be boosted.

The company has defined an improvement action plan with clear objectives, deadlines and development methods, and has implemented the plan using in house communication tools.

Certain areas of improvement have been included in work projects commissioned to young company talent with the aim of involving them in company change and promoting innovative ideas that are more in line with the sensibilities of new generations.


  • SALARY REVIEW TOOL: to give a complete, global vision of all resources in the job family to best balance remuneration between the functions;
  • Ansaldo STS 360° ASSESSMENT: to create opportunities for employees to rate executives and managers according to their respect for company values and skills;
  • PROJECT TEAM PDP INPUT: to require the Project Managers and Functional Managers to collaborate to include project objectives as an integral part of the overall PDP assessment of their resources;
  • HR PRACTICE DAY: an in house communication initiative to familiarise employees with the processes and tools available to them.