Integrated management system

Ansaldo STS has implemented an integrated management system (IMS) for the environment, safety and quality, establishing corporate policies and global procedures to ensure the controlled management of processes and activities relating to safety in the workplace and environmental protection. Each company subsequently established, on the basis of legislative requirements and corporate policies and procedures, local environmental and safety policies, undertaking to achieve the following objectives:

  • ensure compliance with legal requirements applicable to their processes in the various countries in which the subsidiaries are required to operate, by formalising procedures that facilitate awareness of the relevant legislative framework;
  • identify direct and indirect environmental aspects to reduce and control not only their impact on the environment but that of their suppliers and partners as well;
  • define key indicators to facilitate performance monitoring. With Ansaldo STS’ adoption of the organisational model pursuant to Legislative decree no. 231/01, the Model’s principles have been integrated in the environmental management system, for the purpose of identifying the actual operating solutions that could be applied. The convergence elements for the organisational model’s application to the management system are:
  • the definition of roles, duties and responsibilities within the scope of activities for office and work sites;
  • the definition of methods to identify environmental aspects and risks for the health and safety in relation to activities, products and services;
  • the definition of procedures and instructions for environmental and/or safety aspects that fall within the scope of application of Legislative decree no. 231/01.

At 31 December 2013, all 22 production and office sites have received quality certification, 17 of which for health and safety and 20 for the environment, and one production site (Tito) is EMAS registered (Eco Management and Audit Scheme). By 2014-15, Ansaldo STS plans to expand ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification to all the main legal entities that have not yet been certified.

UNITED KINGDOM Bravington House  yes yes  yes
FRANCE Les Ulis  yes yes  yes
SPAIN Madrid  yes yes  yes
SWEDEN Solna  yes yes  yes
ITALY Genoa  yes yes  yes
  Naples yes yes  yes
  Piossasco  yes yes  yes
US Pittsburgh  yes yes  2014 
  Brisbane  yes yes  yes
  Kolkata  yes yes  yes
  Noida  yes yes  yes
  Bangalore  yes yes  yes
  Karrata  yes yes  yes
  Kuala Lumpur Office  yes 2014  yes
  Kuala Lumpur Factory  yes 2014  yes
  Newcastle  yes yes yes
  Perth  yes yes yes
  Sydney yes yes yes
Ontario – Canada yes yes 2014
US Batesburg  yes yes 2014 
FRANCE Riom  yes yes yes
ITALY Tito  yes yes+EMAS  yes