Corporate Governance

Ansaldo STS Australia is committed to operating and conducting its activities in line with ethical, sustainable and transparent practices. The company’s employees work in accordance with its code of ethics and core values and use the global integrated management system (IMS)24 in their operations. The IMS ensures the appropriate execution of all operations.

Our values

Standards of conduct are based on values like customer focus, innovation and excellence, focus on people, team spirit and integrity. Policies and the code of conduct reinforce the upholding of these values, which is fundamental for the achievement of company objectives, the attainment of market success and the management of relationships with stakeholders.

Code of ethics

Ansaldo STS’ code of ethics serves as the foundation for employees’ conduct and is aligned with the company’s values. A supervisory body monitors the management and application of the code of ethics within the company. The body’s members include the Country Representative for Australia, the Deputy Chairman of the Internal Control Body and the Legal Affairs Officers for Australia.

With respect to the requirements set forth by the business rules in the code of ethics, during the board meeting held on 23 October 2012, Ansaldo STS Australia’s supervisory body provided the board of directors with an annual report on the issues dealt with in 2013.

All employees can consult the code of ethics on the company’s website, and a copy of the code is provided to all newly hired employees as part of Ansaldo STS Australia’s initial training programme25.

Board of directors

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd is the Ansaldo STS Group’s sub-holding company in Australia. It is managed by a national board of directors whose powers and responsibilities are those envisaged by article 248A of the Corporations Act of 2001 (Australia).

The Country Representative for Australia, Lyle K. Jackson, is one of the seven members of the board of directors and, among his other functions, is responsible for representing the company at the shareholders’ meetings of the companies in which Ansaldo STS Australia holds an interest, professional association meetings and in all legal, administrative and tax matters.

The Country Representative for Australia also has overall responsibility for Ansaldo STS Australia’s compliance with the company’s social responsibility policies and their implementation, with the Environment, Health and Safety, HR and External Communications divisions responsible for the day-to-day execution of these policies under guidance.

Ansaldo STS Australia’s board of directors meets at least four times a year, and the meetings are scheduled considering the meeting schedule of Ansaldo STS S.p.A.’s board of directors. In 2013, the Australian board held four meetings.

Ansaldo STS Australia’s board of directors (2013)

Lyle K Jackson
Michele Fracchiolla
Emmanuel Viollet
Giuseppe Gaudiello
Christian Andi
Filippo Corsi
Ajith Perera

24. Integrated Management System.
25. Induction Program.