In accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, Ansaldo STS Australia has performed a materiality analysis to identify the aspects of sustainability that are more important to stakeholders and to the company’s business. It considered the following aspects in this analysis:

  • Internal points of view
    To gain a better understanding of which environmental, social and governance issues are relevant to the business in Australia, the company conducted a series of interviews with management.
  • External points of view
    It also performed a media analysis, reviewed the Ansaldo STS (Group) sustainability reports and those published by other leaders in the same sector, along with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

The result of this process enabled it to define the content of the first chapter in this report on the Group’s sustainability in Australia.

Towards greater transparency

To increase the transparency of sustainability reporting in the future, Ansaldo STS Australia plans to conduct a detailed materiality analysis, which will include in depth interviews with its external stakeholders, such as non-government organisations, suppliers, customers, shareholders and the media.

This will enable it to more accurately evaluate the impact that sustainable development issues have on the company and on the environment, encouraging compliance with related policies and commitments.