Our people

Our employees’ abilities, commitment and innovative way of thinking are crucial to our company’s success. We support, encourage and motivate our personnel to improve their abilities and skills through a global performance development programme. The forging of fruitful in house relationships and an environment of mutual respect are key aspects of the way we work at Ansaldo STS Australia.

Ansaldo STS Australia’s 537 employees bring various levels of expertise and diverse experience to their work. To retain employees and increase its ability to attract new talent, the company has developed a global HR policy that encourages continuous learning, strengthens leadership skills and promotes cooperation between colleagues, customers and the community.

Recruitment and development

In a job market like Australia’s, where demand is extremely competitive, especially in the fields of engineering, which make up 41% of the Australian workforce, Ansaldo STS Australia has demonstrated its ability to attract and retain highly skilled and competent people.

The social media is also used for recruitment, making it possible to expand the national ‘Ansaldo STS Takes you places’ recruitment campaign.

Global Employee Survey
Australia’s participation in Ansaldo STS’ annual global employee satisfaction survey is steady, with 325 employees, equal to 60% of all workers (compared to 61% in 2012).

The results show that the company has progressed in a number of areas – particularly communication with employees – and indicates other possible areas for improvement, in which the company will focus systematically until the next Global Survey.

Building our workplace culture
The ability to create an environment in which competent, highly productive personnel are happy, motivated and fulfilled is an essential factor in the HR strategy.

The company has continued to promote the widespread application of the company’s values of focusing on customers, innovation and excellence, team spirit and integrity, ensuring that they remain highly visible in the workplace.

By implementing managers’ and employees’ observations, Ansaldo STS Australia has developed a new initial training programme, which aims to help new employees understand the organisation and the way in which it works. The training programme consists of a series of modules and an employee handbook, a complete guide to support employees by facilitating them in filling their new role, while also giving them a general idea of Ansaldo STS Australia’s business model.

To support the ongoing commitment to provide training on workplace culture in Australia, certain videos on this subject have been included on the e-learning site. The videos are aimed at helping people who have just arrived in Australia, gain a better understanding of the local culture and customs.

Celebrating diversity
Ansaldo STS believes that diversity of employees strengthens the quality of decision-making processes and is part of the accountability system.

The company recognises that local communities constitute an invaluable source of skills and aspiring workers and, where appropriate, it seeks to recruit local candidates to develop abilities within the local communities in the areas in which it operates.

This commitment is not only important in terms of social justice, but it is also a significant strategy for attracting and retaining personnel. To this end, Ansaldo STS Australia plans to continue to develop social networks and partnerships and intends to eliminate obstacles to career advancement for women, aiming to encourage diversity within the workforce.

Remuneration and incentives
People, their performance and the quality of their work are a crucial part of the company’s success. Remuneration and incentives for Ansaldo STS Australia employees are regulated both by national labour standards, which include work hours and general labour conditions, and by the market, in order to maintain its competitive edge.

Employee awards and recognition
Ansaldo STS Australia aims to celebrate the success and recognise its employees’ commitment. Indeed, each year, personnel are invited to participate in the “Finmeccanica Innovation Award”, which consists of a general competition open to all Finmeccanica group companies, for the presentation of innovative ideas relating to process improvement, product value enchancement and service opportunities.

In Australia, the company rewards employees for their ongoing efforts and loyalty and during the year, a new loyalty award programme was launched to recognise employees who have worked with Ansaldo STS for five or more years. To date, a total of 179 employees have received recognition for their contribution to the company.

Additionally, each year, Ansaldo STS Australia employees receive two extra paid holidays – called Ansaldo Days. One Ansaldo Day is an additional holiday during the Christmas season and the other is determined by local administration on the basis of production requirements.

Strengthening communications
To make it easier for employees to access the policies, guidelines and modules they need, an HR bulletin board for Australia has been added to the global Intranet. The website also gives employees direct access to the Ansaldo STS Australia Human Resources Hotline – an email system created to ensure that personnel receive responses to their questions on HR management issues within one business day.

Health and wellbeing
Ansaldo STS Australia encourages everyone to contribute to protecting their health in the workplace. In 2013, flu vaccines were offered again at no charge to employees. The Employee Assistance plan gives all employees and their closest family members free access to counselling services.

Financial security
To assist emplyees a free insurance policy is available to all employees who work over 15 hours a week, guaranteeing that they will receive their salary if they are unable to work (because of illness or injury). In addition, a salary package is available for employees hired on an open-ended basis.

In accordance with legal regulations, in Australia, employers pay contributions to the pension funds where their employees are registered. If employees opt to participate in Ansaldo STS Australia’s pension fund, Asgard, they may also receive free information and advice from an external provider.

TRADE UNIONSIn 2013, a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was successfully signed. In all, 7.26% of Ansaldo STS Australia personnel is employed under this agreement.

Learning and development

To support a training-oriented approach, each year, managers are asked to analyse the learning needs of each employee. These needs, are then checked, analysed and met by the internal training function, the Ansaldo STS Academy.

It offers a series of personalised online learning and company training opportunities and classroom courses and has continued to support employees’ learning and development needs throughout 2013.

To ensure that all Ansaldo STS Australia employees were aware of the legislative changes regarding bullying and harrassment that took effect on 1 January 2014, all staff took an updated course.

Integrated human resource development model
The company uses an integrated human resource development model that focuses on managing and developing employees to create value for employees and the company.

As part of the People Development Process (PDP), managers and their employees meet at least once a year to clarify performance targets, review performance and results and form an opinion on required development, personal aspirations and career plans.

Integrated human resource development model

There are three levels of responsibility for learning and development within Ansaldo STS Australia:

  • Executives are responsible for establishing employee competency and checking training needs for each member of their work group. Training needs are identified during employee performance reviews;
  • Employees are encouraged to actively seek formal and informal training opportunities;
  • the Ansaldo STS Academy offers advice on training courses and information on aspects in connection with development and learning. It also coordinates, monitors and assesses training offers.

The global learning site (available on the Intranet) strengthens this process and provides employees and managers with access to available training courses, while also giving them the chance to request specific courses, if required under the agreed development plan.

Ansaldo STS Australia employees

Ansaldo STS Australia employees

  2013   2012  
SITE Men Women Total Men Women Total
Brisbane  90  35  125  104  39  143 
Sydney  10  32  35 
Newcastle  27  29  55  17  72 
Perth  250  45  295  241  43  284 
Karratha  68  10  78  49  56 
TOTAL 442  95  537  481  109  590 

Employee turnover

26% 27%


 2013 2012 
Brisbane  28%  27% 
Sydney  30%  9% 
Newcastle  7%  24% 
Perth  15%  15% 
Karratha  13%  13% 
TOTAL 18%  19% 

Employees by age

  2013   2012  
Age Men Women Total Men Women Total
< 30  45  20  65  61  26  87 
30-35  128  23  151  128  28  156 
36-40  56  14  70  59  11  70 
41-45  58  66  75  11  86 
46-50  59  14  73  60  11  71 
>50  96  16  112  98  22  120 
TOTAL 442  95  537  481  109  590 

Employees by professional level

 2013   2012  
CategoriesMen Women Total Men Women Total
Senior Executives 4 1 5 3 1 4
Junior Executives 13 2 15 18 2 20
White collars 378 90 468 406 104 510
Blue collars 47 2 49 54 2 56
TOTAL 442 95 537 481 109 590

 2013   2012  
Hired employeesMenWomenTotalMenWomen Total
Under open-ended contracts 436 91 527 474 107 581
Under fixed-term contracts 6 4 10 7 2 9
TOTAL 537 590

Employees by education level

 2013   2012
University/Secondary school graduatesMen Women TotalMen Women Total
Technical institute graduates 49 3 52 61 6 67
Other secondary school graduates 13 17 30 23 26 49
University graduates in technical fields 240 31 271 251 31 282
Other graduates 67 23 90 75 22 97
Other types of education 73 21 94 71 24 95
TOTAL 442 95 537 481 109 590