The Business Model

Ansaldo STS’ abilities and organisation fully meet the need to innovate to boost transportation efficiency and safety and reduce environmental impact.

Ansaldo STS’ economic sustainability is its strategic answer to the macroeconomic context and transportation market trends, based on a business model that develops distinctive abilities and the necessary skills to boost the company’s competitiveness on markets - growth in human and organisational capital.

Ansaldo STS also recognises the importance of a balanced distribution of value generated by its activities with stakeholders, a value that they have directly or indirectly contributed to generating. By analysing the value distributed, Ansaldo STS highlights the flow of resources to its employees and suppliers of goods services and capital, to the public administration and the communities in which it is present.

Economic sustainability is therefore increasingly tied to social and environmental aspects, both at company level and in terms of market scenarios. Ansaldo STS has evaluated the repercussions on transportation systems that macrotrends involving variables related to the environment, health and safety, demographic growth and economic development in emerging countries and the result is that the global transportation market will shift ever more towards railways that are safe, efficient and capable of meeting growing environmental concerns.

Animazione - Business model

No dependent rolling stock supplies - only privileged partnerships

Ansaldo STS is capable of aligning its solutions to any rolling stock supplier and is flexible in the design and creation of the selected solution.

A partner throughout the customer’s entire value chain

Ansaldo STS is leader in the supply of cutting-edge integrated transportation solutions by combining traditional and non-traditional technologies and operation and maintenance services.

Financial support to customers

Ansaldo STS can leverage its sound net financial position and innovate its profitability model by introducing pay/per use formulas on long-term contracts and optimising the total cost of ownership for its key customers.

Global organisation

4,128 professionals offer global research, expertise, experience, know-how and best practices wherever the market needs them.

Serving the customer’s future needs

Ansaldo STS can meet the new requirements of markets, such as driverless freight transportation, and the introduction and integration of extremely safe technology that guarantees operating efficiency.

Solid roots and growth wherever the demand is

Historical technological leader in the western world, growth in emerging market economies, no restrictions to investments in R&D, continuous monitoring of deadlines and budget.

Technological leadership in terms of safety and the environment

Ansaldo STS offers integrated solutions based on technological leadership in terms of safety and the environment and holds a predominant technical leadership position in certain market segments (ERTMS, driverless, mass transit, HSL, etc.).