Atmospheric emissions

Atmospheric emissions mainly relate to the production sites and only some of the sites (Les Ulis – France, Pittsburgh – US, Naples and Piossasco – Italy).

AIR EMISSIONS2011 2012 2013 
NOx (Kg)  192.73  239.30  221.73 
CO (Kg)  96.37  119.65  110.87 
VOC - Volatile organic compounds (Kg)  737.50  789.15  1.021.53 
Volatile inorganic compounds (Kg)  0.10  0.51  0.10 
Heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, As, Co, Ni) (Kg)  0.10  0.10  0.10 
Particulates (Kg)  0.90  1.80  1.70 

The Tito Scalo and Batesburg sites must monitor emissions of volatile organic compounds, volatile inorganic compounds and heavy metals deriving from their production processes. CO and NOx emissions mainly derive from thermal energy plant equipped with effective filters to reduce pollutants. The emissions are measured directly in the chimneys.

Data on particulates relate to the Tito Scalo site and concern emissions from the production and handling of goods. The decrease in the welding of circuit boards which are now bought already completed have led to a decrease over time.

AIR EMISSIONS2011 2012 2013 
SO2 (Kg) 180.60  164.51  157.28 
NOx (Kg) 1,282.51  1,324.03  1,495.86 
CO (Kg) 519.72  551.31  642.10