Health and safety performance

In terms of safety management, Ansaldo STS has defined a management system integrating all its processes in one complete structure enabling the organisation to operate as a single unit with shared objectives and the global application of safety standards.

Ansaldo STS’ health and safety management system enables it to define the process operating methods used to achieve compliance with the legislation framework and verify adequacy and compliance. These methods also require Ansaldo STS to use local advisors with the necessary expertise on the legislative and regulatory framework in the relevant country.

By participating in the HSE WEB Community, Finmeccanica’s website for all HSE contacts within the group companies, Ansaldo STS takes part in scheduled meetings to share group guidelines and best practices, develop synergies between the companies, applying these policies to company procedures, which it shares with all personnel on the company intranet.

The health and safety policy

Ansaldo STS’ health and safety in the workplace policy is based on the application of the requirements of relevant standards, namely OHSAS 18001:2007, and other international standards, in total compliance with national and international regulations. Ansaldo STS develops a plan focused on continuously improving health and safety standards.

For health and safety, Ansaldo STS undertakes to:

  • ensure and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment and prevent injuries, illnesses or damage to the health of employees, suppliers, customers and visitors;
  • extend OHSAS 18001 certification to all Ansaldo STS sites, continuously improving the effectiveness of the health and safety in the workplace management system;
  • continuously improve the aforementioned management systems’ performance, not only with respect to the prevention of injuries and work-related illnesses, but also in terms of more general employees’ wellbeing;
  • adopt risk assessment criteria for all dangers relating to work activities which, in compliance with national and international legislation, also consider best practices;
  • increase the training and updating of all employees in order to make them increasingly aware of the risks related to their activities;
  • continue developing activities to spread a culture of safety with all suppliers and concerned parties.

The policy is shared with all Ansaldo STS personnel and all concerned parties online and via the company intranet.


The company promotes, shares and consolidates a culture of health and safety throughout its organisation through training to increase everyone’s awareness of risks and encourage responsible conduct.

As such Ansaldo STS promotes training and refresher activities to develop employees' expertise.

In 2013, for Italy, an ambitious training project was developed in collaboration with Fondimpresa, significantly increasing the hours of training per employee. (Fondimpresa is a public organisation that funds corporate training).

Overall, at the sites specified in this analysis, 26.586 training hours were provided in 2013 (+56% on 2012), accounting for 32% of total training hours.

HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAINING2011 2012 2013 2011 2012 2013 
Total hours of health and safety training 1,243 1,299 2,492 12,038  15,778  24,094 
Total hours of training 6,106 7,531 6,148 64,157  62,875  76,129 
Safety training as % of the total 20.4% 17.2% 41% 18.8%  25.1%  32% 

Health and safety performance

As stated in its policy, Ansaldo STS considers safeguarding health and preventing any kind of work-related accident, injury or illness as key values.

Heath and safety performance indicators are analysed with respect to their historical trends, in order to set new objectives to be achieved, breaking them down by risk factor and location.

Safety is therefore a strategic must for Ansaldo STS in terms of its mission, and also as a value that must be guaranteed to all employees who contribute daily to ensuring it for end users as well.

Overall, in 2013, there were seven injuries (compared to 17 in 2012), including three at office sites and four at production sites (excluding injuries during travel). Four of these led the employee concerned to miss more than three days of work (two at office sites and two at production sites).

The days of missed work due to injuries totalled 45 at office sites and 172 at production sites.

Data on the frequency and seriousness of injuries show that these values are extremely low when compared to the construction sector (for example, Italy has a frequency rate of approximately 50 and a seriousness rate of 8.5).

Injury frequency and seriousness indicators are reported below:

Injury seriousness rate - PRODUCTION SITES

Injury seriousness rate - PRODUCTION SITES

Injury seriousness rate - OFFICE SITES

Injury seriousness rate - OFFICE SITES

Injury frequency rate - PRODUCTION SITES

Injury frequency rate - PRODUCTION SITES

Injury frequency rate - OFFICE SITES

Injury frequency rate - OFFICE SITES

The data therefore show low injury frequency and seriousness rates. In order to acquire information that is helpful in improving performance, in accordance with the health and safety policy, Ansaldo STS also tracks near misses (incidents without consequences that arise out of undesired or unexpected situations that could have put people at risk), in order to gather and analyse data and information and identify potential solutions in advance.

Main initiatives:

  • Implementation of the procedure to manage accidents and near misses at global level: Ansaldo STS has created a procedure to provide information on how to correctly manage events entailing injuries, accidents and near misses. This procedure is a valid prevention and information management tool for statistical purposes, to identify the causes of an accident and meet legal requirements relating to health, safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Implementation of quarterly HSE reporting to monitor and gather main information on the performance of the activities performed in relation to the application of SGS/SGA. These reports are prepared by all HSE officers at the work sites;
  • Safety meetings for all the main sites.


Ansaldo STS confirmed its participation in COSILAVOROSICURO (a consortium for workers’ health and safety in the workplace) again in 2013 as part of the steering committee. This project also awards members for virtuous conduct through CoSiLa certification issued at the end of each year (Ansaldo STS received the award for two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011).

Furthermore, the main aim of this project is to provide Ansaldo STS with a series of operating tools and simplified procedures to ensure total compliance with legal obligations.