Water management

The sustainable management of site water where it is withdrawn, used and disposed of encourages the maintenance and improvement of water use efficiency, ensuring less waste and reduced environmental impact.

Ansaldo STS manages water resources with particular attention and over the years it has carried out initiatives to save water, including the installation of photocell faucets in Italy, projects to recover rainwater at the Riom site (France) and projects to replace the cooling towers with “dry” systems.

Ansaldo STS applies the “Water management guidelines” that Finmeccanica has formalised and applied to all companies with the aim of defining the methods to be followed by the group’s Italian companies for the sustainable management of water at their office and production sites.

Ansaldo STS’ water procurement sources include aqueducts and water tables where water is drawn through wells.

WITHDRAWAL OF WATER2011 2012 2013 2011 2012 2013 
Water drawn from aqueducts (m3/year) 77,388  27,344  24,715  96,528  122,070  113,125 
Water drawn from wells (m3/year) - - - 40,393  40,220  41,854 
Other sources of procurement (m3/year) - - - 78  74  83 
TOTAL 77,388 27,344 136,999 162,364 155,062

KPI - Water withdrawal per employee (cubic metres)

KPI - Water withdrawal per employee (cubic metres)

Water is mainly for civil use. Water consumption at the sites in Tito Scalo (Italy), Riom (France) and Batesburg (US) is very low.

WASTEWATER2011 2012 2013 2011 2012 2013 
Volume of domestic or similar waste water (m3/year) 64.360 14.405 12.198 60.645  113.819  109.181 
Volume of industrial waste water (m3/year) 11.830 10.764 12.517
TOTAL 76.190 25.169 24.715 60.645 113.819 109.181

The waste water produced at the sites can be classified, on the basis of its use upstream from disposal, as domestic (or similar) and industrial. All Ansaldo STS sites produce waste water that can be exclusively classified as domestic or similar, except for the Tito site. The Naples site uses an organic waste water treatment system. The sites use authorised disposal points.

Total incoming water [m3]  28,769  154,979 
Total water used [m3]  24,714  109,174 
DIFFERENCE [m3] 4,055  45,753 

The difference in the office sites is mainly due to the use of water for gardens and cleaning and because of evaporation.