Customers and the Market

Reporting on commitments

IN 2012 WE SAID…IN 2013 WE DID…
  • Further developing the Transportation Solutions business unit in new emerging markets
  • The foundation was laid in South America and other emerging markets in Asia for upcoming participation in mass transit tenders.
  • Maintaining global leadership in the driverless metro sector
  • Leadership in this sector was further consolidated though the acquisition of the Riyadh metro contract worth a total of €505 million.
  • Acquire a contract for a tram system without overhead lines in the international market.
  • The first catenary free contract based on TramWave® technology was acquired in China and additional opportunities are expected to follow in this area.
  • Consolidate the Signalling business unit’s domestic market position and expand its position on emerging markets.
  • The year saw a sharp increase in competition, due to both the arrival of new market players and the significant reduction in prices in the sector, which partially limited the company from achieving its targets. Therefore, in house programmes were kicked off to boost efficiency, targeting a greater degree of solution and product standardisation and the streamlining of general costs, with the aim of regaining adequate competitive edge.
  • In the railway sector, strengthen global leadership in ERTMS technology and boost its competitive position in satellite positioning applications
  • Ansaldo STS enjoys world leadership in ERTMS technology, which is the benchmark technology even in non-European countries developing or updating their internal lines. The development of satellite positioning technologies is underway for contracts in place and future opportunities as well, mainly for freight/mining lines and low traffic lines in general.
  • In the urban rail sector, strengthen global leadership in CBTC technology and expand its competitive position in driverless applications
  • The main successes of 2013 using CBTC technology for metro lines were celebrated in China, where work continues to expand the transportation networks in the country’s most populous cities and scouting is being carried out worldwide for other opportunities.