The Public

Reporting on commitments

IN 2012 WE SAID…IN 2013 WE DID…
  • MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS. Continue the project to make the most of the company’s historical archive with the public, through other communication initiatives
  • New contacts were developed and an increasingly effective way to present the company was identified.
    MEDIA: relationships already in place were managed, even when function heads changed.
    EVENTS: a communications process was created for each event in which Ansaldo STS participated
    DIGITAL MEDIA: development activities were planned and commenced and new communications systems were implemented, including through the use of storytelling videos, institutional product presentation videos and company presentations in schools and universities. New channels and contacts were created.
    TEAM WORK: the role of teams was consolidated in communications by coordinating the various resources by geographical segment and the different internal functions to increasingly support the product and business
  • UNIVERSITIES: continue contributing to specialised training in the sector by collaborating with leading Italian and foreign universities and contributing scientifically to post-graduate master programmes.
  • The following activities were carried out: 2nd level Master’s degree in Engineering in Infrastructures and Railway Systems sponsored by the La Sapienza University of Rome. ITS “special technology schools”, post-secondary school technical training programmes. Master agreements with the Universities of Genoa, Turin, Rome, the Basilicata region and Dresden. Close cooperation with the University di Pittsburgh.
  • TRADE ASSOCIATIONS: continue to play an active role in trade associations.
  • In 2013, Ansaldo STS continued to pay an active role in trade associations. In particular, it joined UNIFE’s Sustainable Transport Committee.
  • ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS: continue with the Italian and European research projects that are underway to increase safety, security and environmental compatibility and apply for funding by coordinating new project proposals.
  • In 2013, Ansaldo STS participated in the following financed projects: SICUFER, DIGITAL PATTERN DEVELOPMENT, VERO, SFERE, OSIRIS, MELIN, MBAT and SITRAM. In Europe, it participated in a number of infrastructure monitoring projects (ALARP, RESTRAIL and MAXBE), safety projects (CESAR and EXCROSS) and security projects (PROTECTRAIL, SECUR-ED and EXCETERA).
  • COMMUNITY: continue to support social and cultural initiatives promoted by non-profit associations and institutions.
  • Again in 2013, Ansaldo STS was involved in various charitable campaigns, funding cultural and humanitarian initiatives. It donated €46,000 in 2013.