Supply Chain

Reporting on commitments

IN 2012 WE SAID…IN 2013 WE DID…
  • Implement and maintain a governance and risk management system in the supply chain that is in line with international best practices
  • The supply chain’s focus on sustainability issues was raised, as we sought to trigger a virtuous sustainability selfassessment cycle with suppliers.
  • The international comparison and alignment process of general contractual terms is presently in progress.
  • Define, share and implement the sustainability road map in the supply chain in 2013-2014
  • Ansaldo STS’ position with respect to super competitors in the management of sustainability activities has been identified in order to achieve the minimum market requirements.
  • Strengthen the Supply Chain body’s structure by including a person specifically responsible for sustainability issues
  • A sustainability officer has been identified and assigned a role in Supply Chain Support & Development
  • Roll out the SUDA (Supplier Database), which suppliers can access and which makes it possible to: gather and share data on suppliers’ status in the eligibility and rating process; gauge the performance of suppliers and share results to create a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement
  • The supplier database (SUDA) with a rating system was implemented and training and awareness campaigns were carried out in the year to explain to the main stakeholders how to use the tool.
  • Integrate the general supply terms – which currently only require signing and complying with the code of ethics based on the organisational model pursuant to Legislative decree no. 231 – to include clauses establishing the required compliance with environmental protection regulations (Legislative decree no. 121/11)
  • The revision is currently underway and also provides for the integration of the general supply and contract terms with sanction clauses for code of ethics violations.
  • Extend an assessment of ethical aspects to all operating audits, with specific regard to human rights, ethical business dealings, conflicts of interest, corruption and discrimination
  • Ethical aspects were assessed, especially with respect to suppliers in the highest risk areas of the world. The systematic nature of the control process will be reconsidered following the definition, discussion and implementation of the medium/long-term supply chain sustainability policy and roadmap.
  • Ensure Ansaldo STS’ participation in external sustainable supply chain work groups in 2013
  • In 2013, Ansaldo STS actively participated in the supply chain work group of Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI)