Commitment to fight climate change

Ansaldo STS sees climate change mainly as an opportunity. As part of this approach, Ansaldo STS analyses the potential impact of its strategic climate change decisions in the short, medium and long-term, in order to find opportunities for developing the business and improving its efficiency and identify risks in respect of which it must take adequate mitigation measures.

To this end, it has identified certain situations of particular focus and stimulus in relation to climate change:

  1. Climate change – The increased frequency and seriousness of catastrophes entail a careful search for efficient and safe solutions to a potential increase in operating costs.
  2. Changes in legislation and/or standards – This is a strategic lever in the long-term, and it relates to both the business model and revenue flows. Over the next few years, we expect changes in local or domestic energy efficiency requirements to push for new solutions throughout this sector.
  3. Greater awareness of climate change issues – This increases the impact on customers' and consumers' behaviour, driving up demand for the design and implementation of eco-friendly transportation solutions, with an impact on reputation as well, given the ability of players in this field to take measures that limit the effects of climate change or efficiently respond to widespread public concerns.

In short, opportunities are created by the necessary abilities to react, plan and implement for:

  • Greater market competitiveness: new behaviour, due to greater focus on environmental issues, could require Ansaldo STS to develop new products, processes or innovative approaches, which could create growth opportunities and boost business efficiency
  • Greater sensitivity in the management of climate change
  • Better financial returns

Commitment to fighting climate change

Ansaldo STS is committed to progressively reducing CO2 emissions in all of its processes. Its activities and initiatives to combat climate change are part of the environmental management system that Ansaldo STS has established at global level, developing a carbon management strategy based on the following principles:

  • global approach: developing mechanisms that encompass the commitment of all Ansaldo STS sites;
  • reasonable and feasible long-term objectives: it is crucial to establish a clear and realistic vision of the steps to be taken;
  • support to the development of technologies: developing advanced technological solutions.

This strategy focuses mainly on three spheres of influence:

  • in house activities and direct emissions from its sites (Scope 1 emissions);
  • electricity suppliers and their operating emissions due to Ansaldo STS’ activities (Scope 2 emissions);
  • Ansaldo STS’ supply chain and the emissions resulting from the production and delivery of goods and services (Scope 3 emissions).